Anachronox Video Game Review

Anachronox is a sci-fi role playing video game developed by Tom Hall and the Dallas Institute of Film Education. The game is set in the near future, twenty years after the collapse of the United State’s only remaining superpower – the mysterious Star Gate. Now, with the system’s destruction, and its memory wiped from the computer, ordinary humans called System Protectors are granted their own world and the power to control it… However, as their ranks grow, they realize that the Anachronox System is about to be destroyed too…


Anachronox draws from the real-life sci-fi classic, Star Wars. Anachronox’s storyline and adventure gameplay faithfully recreate scenes from the original trilogy. The player assumes the role of Luke Skywalker as he journeys to distant planets on a secret mission; to find the head of a mysterious Anachronoid conspiracy. The exciting action and adventure sequences involve using a combination of flying, land, and space vehicles to take on the formidable enemy ships.

Anachronox Video Game Review

Anachronox’s storyline takes place in two timelines. The first timeline is in the future, just after the destruction of the Star Gate and the Galactic Republic. This is illustrated through cut-scenes, narrated by your main character, and heavily involved in the missions. The second timeline is set six months following the destruction of the second Star Gate. In this timeline, the Republic has become the Empire and the remnants of the Galactic Fleet are fighting a battle against the merciless Anachronoids.


The storyline allows you to choose which faction to be involved in. Both sides consist of different classes of characters, each with unique abilities. Each of the classes has special abilities that improve as you progress through the game. These abilities will help you on your journey to destroy the evil Anachronoids.


Anachronox: Chronicles of the Stone Age follows the story of Arlen Bales, who stumbles upon the buried history of his planet, Anachronox. This is an engrossing tale of hope, survival, and adventure for players. Players will help Arlen uncover the mystery behind his parents’ death, and discover the reason for the eruption that destroyed their home world. Throughout the game, you will use a technology known as Archaeology to uncover lost artifacts that are part of the Stone Age. This is the premise of the game and the reason why players are required to wear protective outfits as they travel.


One of the best features of the Anachronox games is that all of the content is free. There are no downloads or upgrades needed to play the game. Players do not need to wait for any extra files to load or anything along those lines. Because of this streamlined and convenient play method, the Anachronox games are extremely popular.


In addition to a fun storyline, the graphics in Anachronox: Chronicles of the Stone Age look amazing. The scenery and textures are top notch and the sounds are clear and crisp. Some games make it seem like you are in a real life museum. With Anachronox the action happens instantly. You can jump right into the game.


All of these things can lead to one big question. Why aren’t there more games like Anachronox? This niche genre seems to be so hard to break into, but the developers have made a lot of time and money into this game. The future of gaming may be headed back to these prehistoric games.


If you like hidden objects games and word games, then Anachronox should be right up your alley. The game itself is very captivating. It is set in Egypt around 2500 B.C. and deals with three different characters. Your mission is to help these ancient Egyptians with their quest and to find the artifacts they are looking for.

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One thing that I enjoyed about Anachronox was the use of the physics engine. Although the game is not extremely complex, physics makes the world come alive. When you are playing this game, it feels like you are really walking through the sand, carrying with you every object you find. It’s exciting and makes the adventure come alive.


The developers of Anachronox have put a lot of thought and care into this game. It looks beautiful and sounds wonderful. What more could you ask from a game? These games can be played over again because they are so good. You will not be disappointed, so go ahead and play Anachronox.