Diablo Immortal Mobile Game Review

The new Diablo Immortal is an online role-playing mobile game that is in progress and will be available soon for IOS devices. The game is based on the ultimate fantasy role-playing video game world of Diablo, created by Blizzard Entertainment. While the gameplay is similar to other World of Warcraft MMORPGs, it also has its unique features and appeal.

Diablo Immortal Mobile Game Review

Why Play Diablo Immortal?

I am not an expert when it comes to MMORPGs or Facebook applications but I do know which games are popular on the mobile platform and are enjoying quite well. So I downloaded the Google Play Store version of Diablo Immortal a while back and have been having lots of fun. The main feature of this game is the in-depth user versus player combat system, which really makes the game addictive. For those familiar with previous editions of Diablo, the combat system of the Android version is pretty much the same. The differences occur in terms of the interface and the variety of characters you can choose to play as.

One of the key things I noticed about the screen in the free trial version of Diablo Immortal was the slightly smaller font. It’s hard to read text on small text size and in this case, it’s quite noticeable at times. That’s not a big problem though because you can also customize the size of the text in your preferences. Another drawback is the lack of flash support which may limit your ability to play some mobile games for PC.

Other than those two drawbacks, the iPhone version of Diablo Immortal is currently offering a discount of over forty-five dollars. This is less expensive than the average price of over seventy dollars for a standard download of the Android version of the game. You can find the Apple Store through which the game is offered for free as well as a number of other mobile gaming apps, such as Clash of Clans and Mob Wars.

How To Play Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal is the follow-up to the popular Diablo games that are now available for mobile devices. The story of Diablo takes place in a dark fantasy world where warring demon hunters known as Diablo, are pitted against each other. Diablo is an immortal who has been sealed from the world of the living. Diablo has been told that he must defeat other souls to be restored to full power. If only he could find the one who can protect him, then he would be able to return to the real world and exact his revenge on his enemies.

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Although it doesn’t have flash support, the touch screen controls provide a decent experience. The world map is filled with high-quality backgrounds that take advantage of the impressive 3D modeling technology of the iPhone and iPad to create a visually stunning world. The world map is also divided into two parts, the High Chaos and the lower Chaos. Playing the game on the iPad or iPhone devices will give you a feel for how well the game is designed for touch screen controls.

Currently, the game is still in its beta phase and there’s no word on when it will be available for everyone else. I was able to try the game on my phone and it worked perfectly. It’s available in the Google Play Store right now for those who are in the beta phase and I imagine it will be available soon on all Google Android devices.


In addition to providing a gaming experience that is top-notch, Diablo Immortal provides users with a mobile interface that is easy to use. Users will enter their Google account information where they will customize their game settings including game type, player name, and game score. Players can also connect with friends and other gamers through their ios devices. There is no need to download any special downloads or install any additional applications. Developers promise that the interface will remain similar to that of the official Diablo II interface.


Try it now.