Hitman Go Mobile Game

Hitman Go Mobile Game is an exciting release that challenges gamers’ minds and skills. Based on the hit TV show, Hitman Go pits you against a team of international terrorists. Using the mobile phone as their weapon, players take on jobs around the world while completing objectives to save lives and achieve their mission. The game is more than just a simple time-waster. It gives hardcore gamers a taste of what it is like working in an office while utilizing their mobile phones as tools to complete their mission.

Hitman Go Mobile Game

All About Hitman Go

As you can imagine, if you are looking for a good old-fashioned simulation game where you call the shots, Hitman Go Mobile Game will give you exactly that. However, you do not have to look far; this game has everything you need in a mobile game. From top-notch visuals and a solid storyline, players are sure to experience the high-quality gameplay that Hitman Go is known for.

Why Play Hitman Go?

So why should players purchase Hitman Go over similar games? There are a few advantages and disadvantages to playing the game. Let’s take a look at them below. Firstly, some may argue that the game is just not real-life-based. That is true; however, it does not necessarily take away from the gameplay.

Some people may be quick to compare the game to Call of Duty, which is one of the most popular and well-known titles today. However, many are quick to point out the differences between the game and reality. The game takes into account real-life issues, such as terrorism, that most players deal with every day. The game does not allow for any glorified action, instead, it focuses on building and managing a team to accomplish missions.

Players can purchase and download Hitman Go right from their home computers. Players will be able to manage their team of agents like in the real-life version. Plus, they will have the opportunity to use vehicles and other gear as their favorite sports teams use. This type of mobile game is designed to keep players engaged throughout their gameplay.

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It is also important to point out that Hitman Go does not have any type of collectible cards. Each player is given an ID card upon joining the game. This ID card contains useful information about each of the players in the game, including what level they are on, how long they have been playing the game, and when the current mission is available. These details are used to make playing the game more authentic and fun.

The art style of the game is quite different than one would expect from a “think tank” type project. It is designed to be reminiscent of what you would see if you picked up a sports magazine and spent a few pages looking at sports articles. The art style is done in a very casual manner. The game does not have cut scenes or special effects. The entire game is set in the streets of London, which makes it feel just like you were actually there. The actors who provide the main cast of characters are quite entertaining as well.


Overall, Hitman Go Mobile is definitely not your traditional tower defense game where you have to defend your base from waves of robots. This mobile game puts players in the shoes of a private investigator. They have complete control over the mission and are able to manipulate each phase of the game. Players will enjoy the engaging gameplay and use this game as they attempt to complete missions and earn money for doing so. If you love playing online games where you get to think on your feet, then Hitman Go is definitely worth checking out.

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