Monument Valley Mobile Game

Monument Valley Mobile Game has raised a lot of curiosity as it is one of the first apps of its kind. This is because it is different in a lot of ways. It is not only recreation but also a game that tells a story about a mountain resort. It features the story of a boy who lives in a mountain resort with his best friend and two other people.

Monument Valley Mobile Game

All About Monument Valley

What makes Monument Valley so unique is the very fact that it tells a story through the act of playing the game. The Monument Valley mobile games are designed in such a way that they teach you something through the act of playing it. As we all know, kids are very much fascinated with stories. In this regard, these apps will surely teach them the importance of telling a story and how even just a simple act of playing can help them in growing their imagination.

Monument Valley is one of the best apps for kids. When we say best, it does not mean that it is only for kids. Many adults who love to play mobile games also find it very interesting. In this connection, I would like to let you know about some of the advantages offered by the Monument Valley mobile game.

Why Play Monument Valley?

The first advantage is undoubtedly the graphics. The Monument Valley games are developed by Samsung and were one of the very first apps for mobile devices from the brand. Samsung has proved that they know what they are doing and they are definitely not afraid to let their designs get the attention of the users. That is why we can see so many people complaining about the fact that their icons are not sharp or there are errors while loading the game. Again, this is something you cannot expect from any app maker especially those who claim to be the best.

The second advantage is obviously the fantastic action-packed gameplay. The Monument Valley mobile apps are totally free and the prices were reasonably priced. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the budget. That is why I would like to mention to you that the price you will pay to download the Monument Valley free is a mere fraction of what you will pay when you will buy the same game from other websites.

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The third advantage is undoubtedly the amazing user interface designed by Korean artist Bong Su Soo. He did a great job when he was designing the interface. In my opinion, it is one of the best interfaces you will ever come across. When we talk about user experience, we cannot ignore the fact that Monument Valley was designed by one of the best mobile app designers in Korea. As a result, you do not need to go through the hassle to get into the game.

The fourth advantage is undeniably the excellent graphics. As mentioned above, Korean artist Bong Su Soo did a marvelous job when he was designing the game interface. He made sure that every single asset in the game is distinct. You will get an overview of everything after you have completed playing the game. It is something that cannot be said about many mobile games.


Last but not least, you should remember that Monument Valley mobile game is very easy to play. That is why it is being used as an iPhone App. You do not need a high-end device to play this mobile game. You can easily download Monument Valley for free right from your smartphone.

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