Raid: Shadow Legends Computer Games

If you’ve played the old Raid: Sword of Ash and its predecessors, the Raid: Shadow Legends is going to feel like a completely new game. This is mostly because the gameplay is all done in the 3D engine that Star Wars: The Old Republic used to power the game. However, it isn’t quite the same. Instead, this is an online PC game that takes the fundamentals of classic PC games and improves them, providing an enjoyable experience that’s a lot more action-based than previous games in the series.

Raid: Shadow Legends Computer Games

All About The Game

You’ll find that the game’s story has some similarities to that of its forefathers. That being said, however, you can’t compare the game to the original Star Wars films. Unlike them, though, there aren’t any space battles. Instead, all you’ll see are standard, player vs. player combat situations. Although this doesn’t make the game less enjoyable overall, it does take away from the narrative elements of the game.

You can also forget about collecting resources and leveling up in this new computer game. Resources are earned through completing missions and leveling up is accomplished by doing regular questing. Since you aren’t actively involved in any quests, there’s not really a reason to waste time in the game. You won’t be able to sit back and enjoy the action too since you’ll constantly be moving to do different things. Some fans of old-school computer games may appreciate that.

Why Play Raid: Shadow Legends?

Another advantage to playing this game on the internet is the fact that you can play for free. Although you can purchase the game upon release, it will cost you around forty dollars. It’s still worth checking out, but many people are just as happy to play it for free as it is to buy it. So, you’re not losing anything.

In addition to these two major advantages, there are also a few minor ones. For example, since this Raid: Shadow Legends computer game is online, you don’t have to worry about fighting your way through the zombies or other opponents if you don’t want to. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you should be fine. If you have trouble with any aspect of the game, most online gamers are willing to help out. Just don’t expect the help to be free, as it usually requires you to pay before getting any assistance with the game itself.

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Those are the major advantages of playing this great new online computer game. There are a few minor ones, as well. The biggest one to think about is probably the fact that you don’t need a lot of equipment to play. In fact, you won’t need any kind of gaming keyboard or mouse, at all. This means that you can play this game without worrying about being confined to a keyboard and mouse.

Cons of Raid: Shadow Legends

One minor disadvantage of playing this new Raid: Shadow Legends computer game is that it will not be as welcoming to those who haven’t played much before. It does have a bit of an education curve, so it’s good to go into it with some knowledge of popular computer games. Otherwise, you could easily get lost or spend hours trying to figure out how to get past one puzzle or another. That said, though, this is only a minor gripe. Overall, this game looks and sounds great and provides fun in just about every way.

If you enjoy the old games you might be familiar with Raid: Shadow Legends, but this new version looks different, and sounds different, too. You’ll definitely want to give it a try after hearing about it. At the very least, you should give the PC game a chance. The positive reviews for the game are very encouraging, and the game’s unique take on the genre might just be worth giving a shot to.

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