Saints Row 4 Game Review

Saints Row 4 is an upcoming open-world, sandbox-style video game developed by Volition and released by Deep Silver. It’s the third installment in the Saints Row franchise and the follow-up to Saints Row: The Third. As in Saints Row: The Third, you play as the savior of Saints Row, struggling against an onslaught of enemy agents and Outsiders while trying to save the president of the United States from the evil clutches of Emperorapera. This time around, though, you’re not saving the president but your city – and the rest of the world. Get ready for Saints Row 4 thrills, tricks, and tips!


The new story begins with the story of the last Saints who were saved by The President after being taken captive by the Insurgent. Your task now is to save the Saints and fight your way through the levels, unlocking new dlc items and weapons along the way. On top of that, there’s also new side content like a mini-game and weapon collections. These dll files add some fun features to the game, especially the mini-game that challenges you to locate hidden items in all the levels. This time around, though, there are mini-games that are set inside military bases, like Fort Benning, which puts a different spin on gameplay because you’ll be playing military soldiers instead of the heroes of the previous games. And you can now also get access to the dll files of previous Saints games, which will allow you to fully enjoy all the levels and explore every nook and cranny of gameplay.

Saints Row 4 Game Review

But what if you want to add more to the game? After discovering the hidden items in each level, you’ll also discover unlockable character customization options. Some are automatically unlocked once the story is complete, while others are only available for a limited period of time. This time around, you can increase your Saints energy and health points so you can do more things and take down tougher opponents. With these powerups, Saints Row 4 delivers more of the game fans have come to love.


One of the most requested features from Saints Row 4 was the ability to obtain and use superpowers. Since Saints Row 4, however, Gatlin’s superpowers haven’t been given as much attention as they should have. The only way to obtain them is through the unlock system in Saints Row 4, which is frustrating for a number of reasons. Here are my three complaints about the unlock system in Saints Row 4:


First, the amount of effort it takes to acquire the powers isn’t worth it. As in previous games, there are a variety of different superpowers that can be obtained throughout gameplay – the problem is not obtaining the ones that are beneficial for the story and missions. When I was playing Saints Row 4, I wanted to get every single power that Gatlin has in the game, so I basically just picked up whatever was available. Not only is this boring gameplay, but I’m also wasting time in the process, as the superpowers aren’t very challenging to acquire or use in combat.


Second, the rewards for doing side content are incredibly small compared to the benefits I receive from using my superpowers. In Saints Row 4, the rewards are far too small and ineffective. For example, I won the fight against a group of enemy soldiers by throwing an object (a rocket). Afterward, I have to fight the same group of soldiers again, only this time with a large amount more soldiers. The combat doesn’t warrant this amount of focus, and in my opinion, it’s a weaker experience overall than the ones I had in Saints Row 3. I would recommend increasing the challenges and rewards in order to greatly improve the quality of the game.


Last, the story is very weak. There’s no build up to the point where you feel the need to care about anything other than your personal goals for the rest of the game. The story is rushed at times, but it’s never interesting enough to make you want to continue playing Saints Row 4. The side missions don’t provide anything of real value. It’s possible to do well on them, but the story doesn’t make it worthwhile to do so. The Saints Row 4 review will have more information about the game once it has its final patch.


Saints Row 4 has a lot of promise for future entries in the Saints Row franchise. If the changes to the game’s side quests and the weak story make it less appealing, then I don’t know what else would. Saints Row 4 comes out later this year for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3. I’ll try playing it… You won’t be disappointed, though.