Scavengers – The World of Mid Winter PvP Game

Scavengers has been one of the most unique games developed in the App Store. It is a co-op game focused entirely on scavenger missions. Players control groups of individuals looking for clues to save lives and collect items during their adventures. It has a very light touch on the storyline compared to other co-op games, however, it is still worth checking out if you enjoy that type of game.


Scavengers isn’t like any other game in the App Store with the exception of the fact it’s free. I can’t stress enough how much I love that. It’s one of those games that is so far above the competition in every way. From the stunning storyline, awesome graphics, excellent gameplay, amazing physics, fantastic Mac and PC compatibility, to tons of levels and an amazing social network, Scavengers is definitely my favorite free app. If you love scavenging for virtual items and love to win over hearts by scaring people then this game is definitely for you.

Scavengers - The World of Mid Winter PvP Game

Gameplay is a mixture of both real life scavengers and an online shooter. The online component takes the Scavengers concept and mixes it with another very fun component, leveling. For example, players collect resources and use them to purchase/secure armor upgrades for their characters. This helps the game to feel much more alive and actually has a sense of realism. It also makes the game much more replayable, so players can go back and try doing certain things they might have missed the first time around.


The real strength of Scavengers lies in its gameplay. It is truly a massive game and provides the player with over sixty levels to complete and four different playable character classes (engineer, engineer, technician, and scout). Each one of these classes features different abilities and strengths that will be very helpful as players strive to complete their quests and beat the hordes of enemies that will appear throughout the game’s universe. They are also equipped with their own set of weapons as well, which will need to be used wisely in order to get the job done faster and more efficiently. In addition, players can use their stamina points to power up their characters and perform special attacks that can really take out some of the biggest and most powerful bosses.


For example, when a player enters a room where there are scavengers, they must make it through the rooms filled with enemies without being caught by any of the detectors that are placed throughout the level. However, each room will have its own set of detectors that need to be taken out in order to move forward. However, if a player happens to be spotted by a detector, they will lose a few points and their stamina will be reduced considerably until they manage to find their way out of the room safely.


In the Scavengers mode, on the other hand, there is no such restriction and players can maneuver around like they do in the PvP mode. The difference, however, comes from the type of scavenger you choose. In the PvE version, there are five different types of scavengers that you can select from, including the classic Bandit, which is your standard green bandit; the Sectoid, which is like a larger-sized variant of the Bandit; the Stalker, which resembles a spider with its long legs; the Bruiser, who has large spiked arms that allow it to deal out massive amounts of damage with its fists; and the Heavyweight, which is exactly like the Sectoid, only it has bigger arms to deal out more punishment to opponents with. This means that the player will have to think carefully about which type of scavenger they will want to bring with them into battle. Fortunately, each of these has its own weakness that needs to be dealt with appropriately.


When playing in the Scavengers battle royale as an individual player, you will also notice that you have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal. For example, the Stalker, Heavyweight, and Bruiser all have damaging melee skills. However, each of these only works against the specific type of scavenger that they are fighting. For example, the Stalker deals out quite a lot of damage with its fists, but the damage that it can deal out in one attack is considerably less than that of the Heavyweight, and with the ability to jump, the Stalker becomes a capable opponent in PvP combat.


So how does one take down these formidable foes? Well, they first have to understand their weaknesses. You can either use the appropriate tools and abilities to take them down, or you can combine teamwork to take them out faster. Since Scavengers are controlled by supply packs, you can expect to see a few different types of scavengers during mid winter, so you should make sure that you know what each one does before heading into PvP. Remember, though, that teamwork is key to being successful in any battle royale game, so be sure that you have someone to back you up in PvP!