Streets of Rage 4 Computer Game Review

Streets of Rage 4 (SR4) is a mid-budget side-scrolling arcade beat ’em up video game developed by Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games. It is the prequel to the hit PC game, Streets of Rage. The player takes control of Alex, a drifter whose past has become blurred by his travels and who has been transformed into a demon. He now strives to clear his name by unleashing his demonic powers on the evil forces that have captured him. To this end, he teams up with new playable characters including the sultry Saya and the powerful demon hunter Kooky. But how long can they hold out against the seemingly unbeatable demon horde?

Streets of Rage is not a very deep or interesting storyline. And, it is largely lacking in unique characters and interesting environments. Nevertheless, the game’s strong points definitely make up for its less interesting features. Here are my picks for the five best things you should know about this PC action game.

Streets of Rage 4 Computer Game

First, this PC game has a great tutorial component. When players start playing the game, they’ll find an introduction video screen to guide them through the basics of gameplay. Although it can be tedious at times, especially if you haven’t played any fighting games before, this video tutorials is really helpful for first-timers.

Second, it has a strong multi-player mode. Although only two players can play in a battle, there is an option in the game’s setup menu to play against other players online. The other players are usually required to download Street Rage 4 onto their computers first. This ensures that there won’t be any problems when connecting to the server. However, Street Rage also has an offline modes for those who prefer playing the game on their own. These offline modes feature a smaller number of players but, as previously mentioned, they can also be played with up to four players.

Third, Street Rage has several game modes. Players can opt to play against the computer or another player. They can also opt to play against a number of opponents. The game’s tutorials help players understand how to play the different game modes.

Fourth, the game has a story mode. This is like a mini-campaign that players can participate in. It takes about ten minutes or so to complete. During the story campaign, players get the chance to learn more about the background of each of the characters in the game. Aside from that, some of the backgrounds of certain figures are based on the real life people who were featured in the game.

Fifth, there are four different game modes. They include Skateboard, Streetroller, Skateboard/rollers, and Bike missions. Each mode provides a unique set of challenges for players. In addition, there are also two player versus one player game. This particular mode is similar to the popular Facebook game called FarmVille.

Finally, Street Rage features a variety of game modes and features. It features a single player campaign where you can save the game if you wish to continue playing later. You can also compete with other online users. The game features an extensive gallery. It also has helpful hints and game tips.

When you play the game, you will need to use your arrow keys to move your avatar. You can also use the space bar to switch between your various stances. In addition, you will be able to unleash special attacks during fights. If you are playing against another player, you can knock them down or stun them using the left and right arrows.

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Streets of Rage is a very enjoyable computer game. It incorporates many of the important aspects of video games into a single game. Some of the great things that this game has are the excellent quality of graphics and the intense action. This is one of the rare instances when a game is able to combine a great concept with superb graphics.

The Street Rage computer game is available at a very cheap price. The game comes with a special offer for a limited time period. However, this offer has expired and is not available on all versions of Street Rage. Moreover, the Street Rage game can be downloaded from several websites across the Internet. Many people have rated this game as one of the best computer games ever.