The Age of Decadence – Best PC Game

The Age of Decadence has been one of the most interesting and popular PC computer game releases of all time. It is a highly ambitious turn-based role playing video game, also for Microsoft Windows, developed by Iron Tower Studios, lead by the now deceased Vince D. Weller. The game’s basic concept is very simple – to role play as various characters and takes on the various challenges thrown your way. Some of its features include:


The game’s setting is set thousands of years into the future. As civilization falls around the world, magic is beginning to become a valued power. The magicians of the time are beginning to realize the potential of magic for both war and peace. The Age of Decadence rpg is a high fantasy post-apocalyptic role-playing game using a unique magic system based on the ever-changing real world.

The Age of Decadence - Best PC Game

The game’s story begins with one of the main characters, referred to as the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is part of an experiment run by a powerful corporation called The Union. The union wants to discover a secret to unlock the key to eternal life. In the process of this research, they have unleashed The Age of Decadence upon Earth, and all seems to be going well until the gargantuan Gate of Paradise is opened, unleashing the evil Endless Summer, who then seeks to consume the entire world. The Union is trying to stop the Endless Summer from taking over the world, and Gabriel is forced to join forces with many other unlikely heroes to defeat the demon.


The graphics in the game use a pseudo 3D graphics engine. It is possible to switch between first-person perspective and third-person view during combat. The combat is very intense and is often difficult to beat. There are many optional quests available, as well as side missions and hidden items. The character can also change hairstyles, giving them different personality traits and capabilities, as in many Rpg games.


The story in The Age of Decadence follows a traditional RPG format. There is exploration, inventory, combat, and more. The combat is turn-based, where you make choices and wait for them to affect the outcome of battles. For instance, when fighting an enemy, sometimes you can act before the enemy attacks you, or vice versa (using ‘wait’). The combat system is very solid, and often results in very satisfying, and even very dramatic moments. The voice acting is top notch, and really brings the character to life.


The Age of Decadence has two main regions to explore: the City of Light and the Abyss. The City of Light is a paradise, replete with modern amenities and a fast-paced atmosphere. The Abyss is a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has collapsed, and magic reigns. The combat in the demo was non-existent, but the graphics and sounds are top notch.


Based on the premise of The Age of Decadence, it’s possible to draw many parallels between this classic RPG and other popular classic fantasy RPGs. It’s possible that the developers took inspiration from many of these to craft The Age of Decadence. It’s also possible that they didn’t, and the whole game was designed to be more linear than many other rpgs. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that despite being a traditional RPG, this game plays very differently than many of its contemporaries. That said, if you enjoy traditional RPGs, and enjoy the narrative of The Age of Decadence, then you’re likely to have a good chance of enjoying this one as well.

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The Age of Decadence looks to be an open-world, turn-based RPG that puts you in control of your destiny. If you like your classical turn-based RPGs with lots of stories, then you’re likely to like The Age of Decadence. If you’re looking for something new and unique, though, and if you enjoy a good story and interesting gameplay, then The Age of Decadence might not be for you. It’s definitely not a game that’s right for everyone, but it’s worth playing if you’ve never played an open-world, turn-based RPG before. You should give The Age of Decadence a try!