UnderRail – PC Game Review

UnderRail is a first person role-playing video game developed and released by indie developer Stygian Software for Microsoft Windows, using the pen-based design concept. It was initially released in early access at the end of 2021 and formally released on December 6, 2021. It also received a free update a few months later. A version for the iPhone was released later that year and has since been downloaded over five million times. To date, it has been successfully launched for both Windows Phone and the iPad.


UnderRail is different from many other similar games in that it allows its players to create their own character, and to then play against others online who have created characters within the game’s world. The result is that players can play a mix of real life and online play with a unique campaign and game world. For example, players can choose to play as a British soldier in the black sea during World War II, an underground terrorist in London, or a computer hacker in a post-apocalyptic world, among many other characters.

UnderRail - PC Game Review

Unlike most MMORPGs, UnderRail actually gives its player character the ability to change their clothing. This is done by selecting a clothing piece from a selection menu which then changes its appearance based on the current time of day. Clothing is also picked up, dropped, and worn by various other characters throughout the game world, providing the basis for character generation. However, clothes can be damaged, which causes them to lose their value and status, and thus must be replaced. As a result, new outfits are introduced along with new sets of equipment as needed throughout the game.


The combat system in UnderRail is turn-based, where each turn a player is able to make one of several available actions based on available resources. Resources are earned by completing jobs, winning fights, or scavenging. Combining items from different factions and picking up new abilities lets players take on a whole array of new challenges which will prove particularly useful in tackling the game’s more challenging scenarios. Additionally, earning a new ability to fight can help prolong a battle so that players can use their turn to prepare for the next one.


Despite being in the alpha version at the moment, Under Rail has already managed to gain a lot of popularity among MMORPG enthusiasts. In this pre-alpha version, players can already customize their character using a user-designed interface. As mentioned earlier, players will be able to select new abilities and weapons during character creation and will have a chance to examine and select their equipment. Although these features have not yet been implemented in the final version of UnderRail, it is still impressive to see how far the game has come so far in terms of basic design and implementation, and it will be exciting to see where the final product will ultimately wind up.


Unlike most turn-based RPGs UnderRail follows a “railroad” structure instead of a linear path. This means that players will have a chance to interact with both sides of the game’s underground society and participate in various conflicts. During the course of the game, you’ll come across a variety of underground facilities where various conflicts are taking place. These battles will pit your faction against opposing factions. Some of the conflicts that players may encounter include controlling specific underground railroads, battling with opposing factions, protecting the townspeople in the town and fighting marauding gangs of pirates.


Another feature of Under Rail is its role-playing element. A player’s action is determined by a dice roll and will usually take them into the underground world of Under Rail. Players can choose to follow the storyline in an attempt to complete their character’s goal, or they can try to devise their own adventure. The latter option allows players to immerse themselves completely into Under Rail as they find out more about its background and discover how the whole story began. Whether players opt for a non-linear story or opt for a more linear play style Under Rail is definitely worth trying.

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Under Rail is truly a unique game that delivers big-hearted fantasy elements mixed with addictive gameplay. It’s great for people who are fond of role playing games but don’t necessarily want to follow the storyline. This gameplay is highly interactive and offers lots of opportunities to interact with the other players as well as the game’s systems and characters. Its appealing design and interesting concepts have won over many critics and made it one of the best games to download from this site. If you have not yet downloaded Under Rail, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!