Valhall Game Review

Gameplay programmer Valhall has announced their first open beta for their highly-awaited massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It’s called Gameplay Preview. In case you haven’t read about it, Gameplay is not an actual game yet. It’s just a series of screenshots and video guides showing off the in-development Gameplay Engine.


The gameplay is split into four separate sections that are each focused on a particular genre of play. For example, in the fighting section players get to try out the exciting blade and sword combat system. The first segment focuses on the medieval era with its interesting set of swords and daggers and colorful costumes. The next section takes place during the magical war with the Morgoths, and players get to take control of a powerful wand and battle it out with him.

Valhall Game Review

The final segment takes place in a fantasy world where magic and dragons reign supreme. A group of unlikely heroes must use their knowledge, skill, and steel to vanquish their foes, while battling their own personal fears and conflicts. Valhall also announced that there will be a ‘trial’ mode in which players can try out the game without buying the full version. This trial mode will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the various systems and gameplay elements and perhaps hone your skills. There will also be other features such as player versus environment (PvE) combat scenarios, player versus environment (PvE) PVP battles, and versus fellow guilds or players in Player Versus Player battles.


One thing that sets Vikings from any other MMORPG is that they are, well, Viking. Their weapons, armor, and abilities reflect this heritage, and they have a set of quests and storylines that are uniquely their own. If you’re interested in playing a powerful Viking with a strong fighting ability and a sharp sword, then Vikings: The Art of War is a great online role-playing game where you can do just that.


Unlike most games where you grind or fight random mobs for the thrill of it, Vikings: The Art of War pits your wits against another real person – the mighty warrior-princess Jarlaxlems. When she is not torturing her enemies with her sword or blasting them with her magic, she’s busy preparing herself for the next battle royale. You’ll need all of your powers of thought and negotiation skills to survive the first few encounters with Jarlaxlems, who is as customizable as he is terrifying, and she’ll show no mercy when it comes to taking you down in battle.


As a third-person view, Vikings: The Art of War offers a unique angle on player versus player combat. Players take on the roll of a character with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Strength depends on how well you can wield a weapon, and your dexterity depending on how quickly you can execute attacks and parries. When it comes to fighting, your ability to outmaneuver your opponent and build up attack speed will make the difference in victory or defeat. But as with any action-adventure game, your success will also rely on how well you use your skills to plan on your opponent’s strategy and turn the tides of combat in your favor. The combination of a sharp blade, a finely honed shield, and an uncanny ability to outsmart and outfight your opponents can make Vikings: The Art of War a truly thrilling role playing experience.


In addition to this intense online action, the game requires players to develop and hone their tactical skills through their control of an intricate skill tree. This means that at the beginning of the game, you’ll have limited options, and your choices will often have consequences that will further complicate your life as a Viking. Early on, players must make decisions about which path their faction should take based on the terrain and their surrounding environment. Once they’ve made these decisions, then they can further decide on their overall strategy, such as whether to go for a defensive or offensive strategy. As you move through the game, your knowledge of your overall strategy will become deeper and more dynamic, leading to ever-changing play scenarios that are ultimately determined by how well you and your comrades use your tactical data to plan and execute successful missions.


Vikings: The Art of War boasts some of the most exciting online action and combat you’ll ever see in a role-playing video game. The combination of a gripping story and engaging visuals are quite rare in this genre, and a massive amount of depth to both gameplay and tactics makes this game shine above the rest. Players must carefully choose which weapons and abilities they want to use throughout their quest to rule over the North, but must also use their wits to master their combat skills because success is only guaranteed if you can strike fear into your enemies. A unique combination of hand-drawn pixel art and over-the-top action, Vikings: The Art of War guarantees hours of memorable play. If you like fantasy battle strategies, you’ll love playing Viking warriors, who are called upon by the Goddess Nidhogg to annihilate all who oppose them in her name.