Warframe – The Three Great Ship Classes

Warframe is an action-packed, free online computer game. The game can be played with two to four players and involves two to four unique character types: the warrior, the guardian, and the Tennin, which are essentially powerful Tennins (health) that can transform into powerful machines. Players take on the role of a Warframe, a special mobile robot, who fights off enemy attacks and fights to save their galaxy from chaos. A player earns credits or money by utilizing weapons, powers, and abilities to do their duty and to protect the galaxy.

Warframe - The Three Great Ship Classes

What is Warframe?

Warframe is set thousands of light-years in the future. There is a war raging between the Grineer and the Corpus, with only the Grineer being able to launch a coordinated strike to actually destroy the Corpus. The Grineer are technologically advanced humanoids that have developed a cloning system to produce more duplicates of themselves to fight off the Corpus. For this reason, the Grineers are considered to be the good guys and the enemies of the Corpus Empire. This is also one of the main conflicts that Warframe is set against.

Warframe features both single and multiplayer gameplay. Although the focus of the game is on multiplayer missions and exploration, players can still select their favorite single-player mode to seamlessly transition between the two. The player’s ability to choose any of eight distinctive Warframe classes helps them effectively adapt to each type of playstyle.

Warframe Classes

Each class is divided into two basic archetypes; the guardian and the warrior. As the guardian, players must defend their planets from the attacks of the Corpus or Grineer units by selecting units that have abilities that protect them from energy, shield, or armor broken. Once an enemy ship successfully penetrates the shields of a guardian unit, units of the warrior class are dispatched to eliminate the vessel.

Races in Warframe

The two basic races in Warframe are the Asari and the Charr. Both races possess different yet effective ground, air, and space units that work together to conquer planets. The Asari are known for their technological advantage in warfare through the usage of faster moving units and their shields, which allow them to absorb large amounts of damage while their opponents are unable to do so. The Charr on the other hand uses powerful ground units that are more armored than their air counterparts and excel at ranged combat.

Each of the two primary races is able to choose from three different classes. The Asari possess the Sentinal, the Overseer, and the Emperor. Each of the three races possess unique qualities that make them special within the Warframe universe. When choosing a class, players must first consider how well each race fits within the general concept of the class. For instance, the Overseer is known to be a picnic and is often compared to the Arbiters of old.

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The Arbiters are known to utilize heavy weaponry like the Destructible Arc Gun, and heavy armor plating similar to the Gauss Field. The Asari possess many ships capable of maneuvering through space and the ability to utilize their shields to protect themselves and other ships from boarding attacks. The Asari also have the ability to send down space units to attack other planets when they land. The only problem with the Asari is that they are slow to maneuver their units and they lack combat abilities.

The organs are known for their massive offense as they possess weapons capable of sending enemy units into orbit around them or to engage enemy units on the ground using their Groundpound ability. They have the most powerful Groundpound ability in the game that allows them to pound anything into orbit or onto their landing pads. The main weakness of the organs is that their lasers are quite expensive and they have difficulty defeating larger units such as the Arbiters. There are also rare resources the player can collect that allows them to repair their structures at a far cheaper rate.

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