ArcheAge – Musical Education

ArcheAge Computer Game is a virtual reality MMORPG that was produced by two developers namely Andre “Baharul” Khadivich and Thomas Lovinko. Their original intention was to create an MMORPG that had the same feeling as traditional massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). They wanted it to have the same kind of interactivity and player interaction as other massively multiplayer online role-playing games. In addition, they also wanted it to provide their players with a highly competitive gaming experience.

ArcheAge - Musical Education

All About The ArcheAge

ArcheAge proved to be a hit and was then sold out within a week. The next step then was to design a completely new game revolving around the storyline. However, two weeks after the initial launch, Arche Age developer Red Flies announcing that the servers for this new game were being pulled down. This led to much confusion and controversy among the gaming community. Was Red Fly Studios having financial issues and would they be able to continue the development of the ArcheAge game? Would there be a chance for them to develop another high-end MMORPG in the future?

The release of ArcheAge was followed by the release of another massively multiplayer online PC game, Mafia Wars. Although it received mixed reviews, Mafia Wars was then followed by the release of the highly-awaited Arche Age game. So, which one did better? Well, it all depends on who you ask.

Why Play ArcheAge?

In comparison to ArcheAge, the new game promises to be even more exciting and intense. As mentioned above, Mafia Wars and Arche Age share a lot of similarities but there are also several differences as well. One similarity is the storyline; both games are about an aging World War II veteran who returns to fight a war against a mysterious foe. However, the difference between the two lies in the game’s main character, nuki, who is played by David Hasselhoff, and how he reacts to events.

In the new game, nude lives life after the war, struggling to get by. A war-weary ex-soldier, he returns home to California where he reunites with his daughter, Lola. Their reunion is brief, however, when the duke’s plane crashes near the bay. When contacted by Lola, who knows that her father was a rock star, null is devastated that he never made it back home. Intent on getting to Los Angeles to see his daughter, he sets out on a cross-country drive, hoping to meet and reconnect with Lola and finally catch his dream girl.

The plot of the game resembles many of the rock songs by such artists as Elvis, Rod Stewart, and everyone’s favorite teenage boy band, The Beatles. This leads to the game’s narrative following the same thread. While traveling, you’ll spot several rock stars in the car with their assorted entourage (including null). At one point or another, you’ll have the chance to get in the car with nuki. If you succeed, you’ll have the chance to earn some money by singing for a fee (you start off with ten dollars), before being taken to your next gig. Your success in this game will determine whether or not you continue on with your solo career.

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After you have finished with your first song, you can continue on with your quest to become called nuki in Arche Age. Like most of the other songs, this game is performed by the actors in the game; however, the voice you hear is actually that of David Hasselhoff, who portrays the lead character of the story, nude. The game also contains several other characters such as a Mexican drug lord, a British bounty hunter, and a ninja assassin, each featuring their own unique traits that make them stand out from the rest. It may be safe to say that Archeage is a game that is full of intrigue, mystery, music, and characters that will keep you wanting to know more about them.


When you want to know more about ArcheAge, you can either go to the official website or you can check out its many music video clips. Aside from the story that guides you through the various events that take place in the game, you can also listen to some of the original songs composed by David Hasselhoff. This is because the hit song, “Starloofy” is part of the soundtrack of the game. There are other songs aside from this, too, which will add some spice to your musical education in Arche Age. The combinations of different songs will surely leave you wanting to know what is coming next.

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