Final Fantasy VII – New Maps And Job Types

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII there was Final Fantasy XI: Dawn of Souls, an action-packed, free-to-play role-playing online game. It was later released as Final Fantasy XI: The Heavensward on April 7, 2021. During the game, you have to make decisions concerning your party and fight enemies on your way. As in the original version, the party can consist of any combination of characters including Tidus, Aeceus, Lightning, Squire, Explorer, Lancer, and Samurai. You can also develop your own character through the points and leveling system. The story is set two centuries after the events of Final Fantasy XI.

Final Fantasy VII - New Maps And Job Types

This new version of Final Fantasy or pocket edition has taken everything that the original series is known for and improved upon it. In this version of the game, the storyline is told through side-missions where you are required to complete various tasks for a special prize. Side missions can also be played individually to complete them and unlock further content and features of the game. The mobile version has been designed especially for low-powered cell phones and has been received warmly by fans.

What is Final Fantasy VII?

The new Final Fantasy VII Mobile Game called Final Fantasy VII: Advent is a high-quality remake of the very successful original game. The developers at consultancy companies A-coccus and Active Gaming Media Ltd have spent considerable time and effort recreating the feel and appeal of the classic Final Fantasy series. It takes place in the world of Spira as well as the stretch islands surrounding it. This new Final Fantasy VII mobile game is set six years before the main events of the series and features all the classic Final Fantasy features like crystals, animals, and other forms of energy, along with some fresh mechanics like the ability to transform into another form.

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent we return to the world of Spira. See full gameplay of the early parts of the game as the party searches for Lulu’s lost memory. You’ll learn the important abilities gained by the different classes of the game, and battle the notorious fiends alongside some familiar characters from the series. The side stories told in these add-ons are equally exciting and help to build up the huge number of characters in Final Fantasy VII: Advent. The story itself takes place around 4 years before the events of the original Final Fantasy game and follows the rise of an empire known as Nibelheim. As the game progresses, you’ll see more of Lulu’s story and learn about her family, the Empire, and more.

How To Play Final Fantasy VII

The first mission of Final Fantasy VII: Advent sees you traveling across the globe, taking on jobs, and seeking out ways to gain money and items to buy. When a sudden blackout occurs and all vision stops, your party must find out the cause of the blackout and get back to Castle Seaway. The player will be transported to the world of Spira where a mysterious force attacks. Only a summoner can wield the power of summoners and protect the people of Spira. Only a summoner can stand up against the enemies of Spira and face the ultimate battle. This is one of the biggest surprises of the Final Fantasy series and sees Square Enix teaming up once again with their veteran artists to create a brand new Final Fantasy VII Mobile Game.

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Why Play Final Fantasy VII

In this new mobile game, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide array of battle scenarios that are designed with the utmost detail. Final Fantasy fans who experienced the success of the original version of Final Fantasy would love to have a chance to enjoy even more in the latest game. Plus, fans of the Crisis series would love to have even more of that experience. It’s sure to be one of the most downloaded games of 2021.

The new game Final Fantasy VII – Mobile Engine will also introduce a new job type for your character called the Samurai. This job will allow you to boost the capabilities of your party by giving them buffs. You’ll also be able to equip your characters with more powerful weapons and armor. If you’re really lucky, you might even get special items like the Excalibur weapon or the Buster Sword!

The Samurai job is available as an add-on for the game and will be completely free to play. For more information about the second Final Fantasy VII mobile game and how it ties in with the original game, visit our dedicated Final Fantasy VII hub. You’ll also be able to find out more information on the latest in Final Fantasy VII trailers and what we know about the movie and the future of the series!

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