World of Warships Computer Game

World of Warships (WoW) is an MMORPG. The World of Warships consists of three distinct islands namely North Caribbean, South Pacific, and East Asia. In WoW you can experience the thrill of a great battle between good and evil. Players from across the globe can log in to enjoy this online game together with their friends and family members. The unique feature that sets this game apart from other MMORPGs is the fact that the entire game is controlled on a global map, which has several points of interest.

World of Warships Computer Game

How To Play World of Warships

World of Warships Computer Game is like a true simulation of sea battles. Players can build their own ships and use them for combat. The players have a choice of upgrading the ships, which raises the ship’s speed and operational effectiveness. Players can also get specialized training on using firepower, guns, and other equipment. Each player starts with basic training on basic seamanship, and after mastering the basic skills, they are given the opportunity to choose among different specialty training classes such as Aircraft Piloting, Tank Handling, or Mine Hunting.

World of Warships Computer Game has interesting role-playing scenarios that pit the player’s seamanship against other players. At times, other players may not be very nice, and they may even attack other players. You can even lose your ship during battle if you fail to react quickly enough. Hence, it is crucial that you learn how to sail fast and move successfully in the face of adversity.

Apart from building your own boats and firing them at other players, you can also participate in sea races. There are three types of races in the game: the German Empire, Japanese and British. Your goal is to become the most popular among these three players and reach the finish line first. The gameplay is quite fast and the players can get into a lot of fleet conflicts in a relatively short period of time.

Why Play World of Warships?

There are many interesting events in the game as well. Players can engage in island battles that pit one group of players against another group of players. These battles require you to utilize all the available assets in your citadel. Your opponents can also lay claim to your island by laying claim to other players’ reefs and ports. The player with the biggest number of resources at the end of the game wins.

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As a ship player, you will have to choose between purchasing new weapons and upgrading your existing ones. New weapons include long-range carriers, dreadnoughts, escort vessels, cruisers, and destroyers. Upgrading your ships will help you earn experience points, which in turn unlock new abilities and specialties for your ships. You also gain money for the sale of crew and equipment.

A wide array of different scenarios awaits those players who choose to play World of Warships. The computer games offered by capsule-style video gaming companies permit players to build up a fleet of their very own. The game comes with a tutorial that teaches you the basics of managing a fleet and also helps you build up your reputation among other players in the world of commerce.


In case you are a big fan of battles, the World of Warships computer game provides you with a chance to reenact real-life naval conflicts. The game is set up to include real battle scenes from around the world including those fought off against the Japanese in World War II and the US Navy in the Pacific theatre of World War II. In case you enjoy playing strategic computer games then this war simulation is one that you will find extremely enjoyable.

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