Enlisted Computer Game

Enlisted Game is the most popular computer game. After the successful release of Killzone in the previous years, the next new game in the series is called Normandy: Gunstorm. It is being developed by SIE, the company that made Killzone. The story of the game is about allied troops defending the city of Normandy against the German army. They have radio communication which enables them to send and receive information from different locations all over the world. They are aided by machines called Pilots who fly planes and tanks.

Enlisted Computer Game

How To Play Enlisted

In this game, you have a chance to increase your skills and accomplish various objectives which include protecting the city, finding missing soldiers, and destroying the German machine-gun nests that are scattered all over the map. Allied troops have the support of tanks and planes to help them fight the enemy. If you succeed in destroying the enemy’s points then you earn additional points and you move up in level.

For those who do not know it yet, each level has different objectives. Some require you to shoot the German guns and destroy specific objects or vehicles, some need you to capture certain points and others need you to find and use the codebook. You can even find and obtain a new gun in this game as well.

Why Play Enlisted?

One of the things that makes this game so popular is the excellent and exciting storyline. Although it is fictional and is all just a game, the storyline is real. For example, the game has the story of a group of military personnel that is stationed at a post along the English channel when World War II breaks out. They must protect their post from the advancing German forces and one of their responsibilities is to build a bunker in order to protect them from any kind of shelling or bombing.

As you go through the game, you will encounter various obstacles that will try to shoot down your bunker. Your mission is to shoot the enemy soldiers, kill the Germans and rescue your comrades. In the game, there are various weapons used for the player to choose from. The game comes with machine guns, hand grenades, and rifles for the players to choose from. There are even gas guns and rocket Launchers for the more experienced gamers.

There are two types of games in this PC game: multiplayer mode and single-player mode. The multiplayer mode in this PC game lets you play with other players online for the same game. You can also play against the computer in this mode. The player can choose a gun-type that is appropriate for the weapon used by the computer player.

Generalbolt-IX Gun

The gun available in this game is the Generalbolt-IX. It has a rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute. It can shoot accurately over a distance of about thirty to forty yards. This tank has a high rate of fire and a kill radius of ten meters. This makes this gun ideal for close combat situations.

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The game has been designed in such a way so as to simulate military life. The game has an array of challenges and difficulties that will test your military skills. This game has been rated “A” for its realistic features. Thus, if you wish to test your military abilities, then play Enlisted Computer Game.

You can play an Enlisted Computer Game against another human player or against a group of computer players. You can use the chat facility offered in this game to find an opponent. You can even play the game using a network of real persons using the Internet. Thus, you can interact with other players located all over the world.

How To Make The Game More Interesting

To make the game more interesting, you can purchase extra modules. These modules will enhance the features of the game. For example, if you wish to improve your accuracy, you can buy the Marksman module. This increases the range of the bullets fired by the player. This is one of the most useful modules available in this game.

In order to purchase these modules, you need to visit the official website of Enlisted Computer Game. You can buy the modules online and install them on your computer. If you find the game confusing, you can take help from the video tutorials available on this website. You can also download the latest patch of Enlisted Computer Game. This will enable you to play the game better. Play the game and enjoy yourself.

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